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List of lifetime achievements

  1. Dyed my hair red once in 2018.
  2. Spoke Dutch with native speakers.
  3. Made to the 3rd stage of the all-Russian English language "olympics" in 11th grade of school.
  4. Read 2 (two) chapters of Yotsubato! in Japanese.
  5. Remember and understand the full lyrics of 1 (one) Kinokoteikoku song.
  6. Received a letter of gratitude from a classmate after graduating from school. The letter features a drawing of me.
  7. Got a job in IT while being an absolute dumbass, like honestly the worst.
  8. Won a game of Munchkin against a dude who deemed himself the coolest player in town.
  9. Made it to the world's top 0.5% of Kinokoteikoku listeners in 2021, according to Spotify.
  10. Completed Sonic Adventure on a Dreamcast emulator on a tiny Android phone during classes in 9th grade of school.
  11. Completed Fallout: New Vegas 12 times.
  12. Released 2 (two) Grand Theft Auto V car mods.
  13. Own 2 (two) PlayStation 2 consoles.

an exciting questionnaire that will tell you everything aboot how interesting and diverse of a person I am (not)

stolen from hat (original source)

1) time and date u started this?

04.02.2022 18:52 (updated 11.02.2024)

2) asl?

no, I don't speak American Sign Language

3) opinions on musicals?

no opinion

4) favorite snack?

samjin pretzel

5) have u ever been in love?

I love Kiryuu Moeka (she's my wife)

6) favorite pokemon?


7) mario kart main?

Peach (I have 5 (five) minutes of playtime in Mario Kart DS)

8) tf2 main?


9) do you laugh at youtube poops?

used to when I was 11 maybe

10) are you listening to music right now?

yeah, I've found a really cool game sountrack

11) favorite shape?


12) do you believe in astrology?

stars exist!

13) do you believe in the occult?


14) opinions on vocaloid?

I've only ever listened to PoPiPo by Hatsune Miku vocaloid shoegaze is pretty rad! check out mikgazer

15) would you ever want to be a rockstar?

I don't want fame

16) do you easily get stressed?

too easily

17) what is/was your favorite class in high school?


18) what pokemon type would you be? dual types are allowed lol


19) rei or asuka?

I think it should be obvious for you if you've been reading this website for a while


20) favorite html tag?


21) are you religious?

I follow a semi-religious belief of my own

22) opinions on nightcore?

I prefer day

23) did you go through any major phase? (emo, goth, weeaboo, etc)

stuck in a weeaboo phase for almost 4 years

24) are you good at drawing?


very rarely

this one's a banger though

25) do you crack your joints?

my English is either too good or too bad to understand this question. I think I do

26) do you read visual novels?

I've read Steins;Gate and 4 parts of Ace Attorney, if you count that as a visual novel

27) can you sew?

nah, but I can cross-stitch

28) can you cook?

apart from cooking primitive daily meals I like to bake pies

29) most expensive thing you've bought?

my PC, I think definitely my crib

30) opinions on cosplay?

I don't think most cosplayers even like the characters they cosplay these days. It's been stripped down to a form of "content creation" (what an afwul term)

I don't like cosplays that try to mimic the characters 1-to-1, because they look sooo out of place

31) what's your most hated band/musician?

noone in particular. As a kid I used to really hate this particular song though. (it's not half bad actually)

32) are you a dramatic person?

In my head, yes, but not on the outside (I hope so)

33) what emoticon do you use most?


34) can a miracle certainly occur?

yes. I mean I somehow got a job

35) would you let a vampire suck ur blood?

nice try but no

36) do you have a celebrity crush?

not really. I'm not into celebrities. however...

37) do you like snow?

yes when it's not melting

38) were you really into greek mythology as a kid?


39) what are some things you could competently deliver a speech on?

I don't think I'm compenent enough at anything

40) are you good at spelling?

in my native language, yes

41) which touhou wud u fuk?

42) do you think there's going to be a robot takeover?

not during my lifetime


it has

44) would you be an angel or devil?


45) sine, cosine, or tangent?


46) do you like licorice?


47) whats one thing you cant stand that everyone else loves?

modern hip-hop

48) what books did you like as a kid?


49) can you play any instruments?

nay nay but I can play the cling-cling-clang-clang thing from Still D.R.E on piano

50) what song would you want to play at your wedding?

51) do you believe in reincarnation?

not really

52) finish the sentence: I'm just a guy who ______

is just, you know... here?

53) have you been to another continent?

nah. I've been to Crete though which is rather close to Africa.

54) whats your worst habit?


55) favorite vegetable?


56) whats something stupid that scared the shit outta you as a kid?

my grandfather (he's far from stupid though :^) but I was dead scared of him as an infant)

57) whats one of your guilty pleasures?

90s/00s russian pop <- not really a guilty pleasure. my real guilty pleasure is randomly picking a person on the street and taking photos of them when they're not watching. yeah I'm bad

58) would you rather be a ghost or a vampire?

a ghost... booo...

59) what do you fear most?

ham burgher

60) do you sleep with any plushies?

no; I do hug a pillow when sleeping though (there are 4 pillows on my bed)

61) what hobby do you just not understand?

youtube, movies/series

62) do you like the taste of alcohol?

not the taste of alcohol itself

63) are you a hopeless romantic?


64) which deadly sin best fits you?


65) which of your physical features do you like the most?

my hands

66) are your ears pierced?


67) have you ever been in a physical fight?

a really long while ago

68) where do you buy your clothes?

50/40/10 malls, local thrift store chain, online 60/30/10 local thrift store chain and second hand stores, online, malls

69) where would you live if you could live anywhere?


70) do believe in magic? or is it all a trick?

I believe in magic in a young girl's heart, and how the music can free her whenever it starts

71) have you read umineko when they cry? you should!


72) what is the worst chore to do?

vacuum cleaning

73) what did your parents almost name you?

there were no alternatives as there is a certain pattern for kids' names on my dad's side of the family

74) what would you want your name to be if you were not your current gender?

please write me an email if you really want to know

75) what were your first words?

баба, мама

76) what do you want your last words to be?


77) when did you first regularly start going online?

around 2008

78) what year do you miss the most?

2021 and 2005

79) are you psychic?

I have strong deja vus too often; sometimes the minor things I see in my dreams come to life exactly the way they were in a dream

80) would you fuck a clone of yourself? you're not allowed to kill yourself.


81) what do you use to listen to music?


82) whats the biggest city you've been to?


83) favorite animal?

84) what web browser do you use?

combusted vulpes

85) are you allergic to kitty cats???????????


86) do you like energy drinks?

I drank an energy drink once when I had to write my graduation thesis in 2 days. It had no effect at all, and I didn't reallyy like the taste. I don't think I'll ever try them again.

87) would ever spend money on tf2 unusuals/csgo skins/gacha pulls/etc

I wasted some money on tf2 items around 2013. (I regret it, but I was a sUccEsFul tRadEr back then B) )

88) when do you usually go to bed?

~22:30 on workdays, 00:00~03:00 on days off

89) how often do you wash your hair?

0.75 times a day

90) would you download a car?

I do it at least a few times a wekk

91) what was your favorite show as a kid?

first Teletubbies, then just about anything that was on Jetix, then Pokemon

92) whats the silliest hat you own?

The Frog Hat !

93) what album/song do you're feeling angsty


94) do you make OCs?

only in my head

95) whats the goofiest thing you do when completely alone?


96) do you like fireworks?

not that much

97) favorite painter?

van Gogh, Hopper

98) favorite numbers?


99) what genre of vidya gaems are you really good at? (fps, fightan, danmaku, racing, whatever)

single player :^)

100) time and date you finished this?

06.02.2022 11:01