Need for Speed Underground 2... My first ever PC game. My all-time favorite game.

You gave me so much, now it's time I gave you something back. Please accept this humble shrine as a sign of my eternal allegiance.

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This page will soon be expanded with all kinds of content: info on beta and cut content, my rides, an essential mods guide etc.

Welcome to Bayview!

Need for Speed Underground 2 is a sequel to (duh) Need for Speed Underground; it took all the best from it's predecessor and enhanced it with a large open city, even more cars and customization, as well as some unique elements like SUV racing and magazine covers.

For me, this is more than just a game; this was the first game that I played on my family's first PC back in 2006. Oh boy, was that a poor PC - it ran the game in ~70% of the actual speed; so it wasn't like a game in 15 FPS but on 100% speed but rather a game in slow-motion; but anyway, I didn't really care about it. Only in 2008 when we visited our relatives in Germany and I played this game in full speed, I realised that something might be wrong...

These days, it's one of the few games that I download and re-play from time to time. I'm also a contributor for the ambitious project - my aim is to make the first "lore-friendly" add-on car, complete with all the tuning parts the vanilla game has to offer (the car is Mazda Miata NA (1st generation), and it's already in-game with a bunch of parts done - pics coming here soon!)