Europe 2017

Düsseldorf -> Amsterdam -> Purmerend (staying the night) -> Zaandam/Zaanse Schans -> Amsterdam -> Düsseldorf -> Austria (just passing by) -> Sottomarina/Cioggia -> Venice -> Sottomarina/Cioggia

That was a trip to remember. I visited some of my relatives and saw the true Europe with my own eyes while being in a conscious age for the first time (we also had a trip there in 2008 but I was 9 years old and I don't remember some things). Unfortunately, back then, I basically didn't give a damn about photography, so the following is a result of unconscious snapshitiing (as opposed to my more contemporary photography, which is conscious snapshitting). The photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix S10. Quite an interesting camera, it was. While it had noticeable lens distortion, it was giving that slight heartwarming digital lo-fi atmoshere, and on some photos it produced very curious colors. These photos are unedited, apart from the few I cropped and slightly rotated. I think this album has that "00s trip photo album on flickr" feel to it, and I like that.