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A page for my everyday photography (that I don't actually do "every" day).
The links lead to full-size photos (5MB+), the ones on the page are resized. I used to post these on the thoughts page, but a dedicated page for pictures that don't deserve a separate album page is more fitting.

30.07 - 06.08.2022

these pigeons really are brave




Barely any post-processing applied; that's really how this window makes the colors look.


As I was waiting for a bus on this stop, an old lady joined me, asked me if I can help her load her bags into the bus and said that she needed to board a particular bus that only stops here once every hour. I waited there for 40 minutes, missing several other buses, because I couldn't just leave her there.

Nothing special, please, don't look :)
Sunny weather makes shooting on Game Boy Camera even more of a challenge.