Moscow 30.04-03.05.2022

I visited Moscow again during a little Spring break. I needed a little change of pace and a break, so everything went good.


This is the Zaryadye park, located right next to the Kremlin. It's really new and rather small, but it's nice.

A cafe named "The country that does not exist". This idea is quite a sore spot for a lot of people of my generation here. Surprising to see naming like that in the very center of a capital of a totalitarian country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs building. Just like a year ago, my thoughts were "it's unfair that such gorgeous building is occupied by the biggest assholes ever"

The following few photos are from Vorobyovy Gory metro station, the Moscow State University (MSU) campus and the Vorobyovy Gory park. I think that this area is my favorite place in Moscow.

There are lots of sports facities around MSU. There were people playing football, tennis, jogging and roller skiing.

Shigeyoshi Matsumae Baseball stadium, built in 1989. Closed for "technical reasons". While looking for more info about this stadium online, I found a wonderful website of MSU's baseball team. The team seems to be somewhat active to this day; I contacted them about whether there's going to be any work done to restore the stadium.

End of MSU & Vorobyovy Gory pics. This is the end of a scary trail through the city woods I had to take to get to one of the metro stations.

The "rest room" in the hotel I was staying at (the same hotel as last year because it's cheap and with a convenient location)

For this one, I pretended to be taking a photo of my own reflection in the window. I'm an asshole. :)

When taking this photo, I came up with a very dumb literal translation of the Dutch last name "Nieuwenhuizen" into Russian, so I took the pic and started laughing out loud.

After taking this pic, a security guy approached me and asked me whether I'm carrying a professional camera and what the I'm taking photos of. I told him I'm just a tourist from Kaliningrad, and he said that visited our city and that it's cold. He also asked me not to take any photos of communication wires.