16.10.2022 - 22.10.2022.
A sudden trip to the world's largest city beyond the Arctic Circle.


On the first day, my acquitances's friends took us to the rural seaside village of Teriberka. It was Sunday, so we had an entire free day, and I think it was the best day of the entire trip. More than a half of the photos on this page are from the first day. Roughlu half of the village is mostly abandoned. The other half is occupied by tourist spots like restaurants etc; Teriberka is quite a well-known place because the "Leviathan" movie was filmed here (though it wasn't crowded at all, in fact there weren't a lot of people hanging around; the village is not that easy to access because it's quite far away from the city and the road there is bad). Most locals live in a nearby tiny town adjacent to the village. Seeing abandoned houses where kids would grow up and families would live their happy lives; abandoned ships that used to, in all senses, "feed" the people; all of them next to shiny tourist attractions made me quite sad. All these rocky landscapes really impressed me. I've never seen anything like than before.

That's where the photos of Murmansk proper begin.

When we stopped to let this man in the green Zhiguli pass, he was so happy! He waved at us and smiled his widest smile; we all did the same.

A calendar in the apartment we lived at; really cute!!!

A view from the city's tallest building (the previous picture). The wardrobe lady on the top floor allowed us to enter her "cabin" to appreciate the scenic overlook.