Summer of 2022

In the August of 2022 I have visited Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Karelia. While the former two have already been extensively covered here, the latter was a brand new place for me! I also got to try a very exciting means of transport for the first time! It will turn out later on that I will visit Saint Petersburg quite often, but it was my first proper visit during warm time of the year.

I wanted to finish this page in maybe a month after returning from the trip, but lack of time and energy resulted in me making this dumbed-down version (I had lots of ideas that never came to frution) in February of 2023. Better late than never! This one will have much less commentary than intended.

A retro Car's exchibition that greeted me in the airport in Moscow. It turned out a coworker was flying on the same plane as me; we had a little small talk on the train from the airport to the city.

The Moscow Metro alone is so nostalgic for me... It's amazing, please visit Moscow and try the metro as soon as you get an opportunity.

During this drip I realized I have a Guilty Pleasure of just randomly picking someone from the crowd and taking a photo of them. I cannot be forgiven for this. Random Person 1/8

Random Person 2/8

Wanted to take a pic of a pigeon in an empty underpass, but some guy in the back decided to join the party.

Random Person 3/8

A fish meal in a Basque restaurant. It was amazing, and they also have an assortment of self-made ciders which are amazing as well.

Random Person 4/8

Random Person 5/8. You guess which one was intended.

This is a new amazing place I discovered -- the Khimki Reservoir.

This is how I got from Moscow to Saint Petersburg -- the Sapsan High-Speed Train!!! The ride takes ~4 hours, which is not as fast as the raw flight time, but with all the extra time sinks implied by going by plane (you need to arrive at the airport well in advance, you need to get to the airport which is usually outside of the city limits, you need to pass 9783847564837 security checks and you have to get from the destination airport to the city) ((while when going by train you can arrive at the station (usually located within city limits) 10 minutes before departure and pass 1 (one) security check)) (((I Love Train's))) it's more or less the same, yet the train is much more comfortable and cooler.

Random Person 6/8

Random Person 7/8

I dedicated a day to a day trip to Karelia, a region north of Saint Petersburg known for it's splendid nature and a distinct Finno-Ugric culture.

Asked someone to take a photo of me to show to my parents. Check out the T-Shirt (it's my favorite one!)

Random Person 8/8

Bonus: film photos