Vyborg 09.07.2023

I visited the city of Vyborg in June 2023 with my parents. It was a Finnish city up until 1944 (named Viipuri back then), making it an eclectic mix of various architectural eras, much like the cities in Kaliningrad region. It especially reminded us of Sovetsk, even though the atmosphere of decadence merely slightly veils the city instead of completely swallowing it.


Some of the signs are dubbed in Finnish. Naturally a lot of Finns visited the city before the war.

This is the city library designed by Alvar Aalto, a major monument of functionalist architecture.

Absolute symmetry.

This is the oldest residential building in Russia, estimated to be built around 16th century. People still do live there.

Just like the tram in Sovetsk, this is merely a monument dedicated to the prewar tram.

I deliberately put the Finnish plate-bearing car in front and then cropped the photo a bit.