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Stuff I saw that I found curious. In other words, you probably don't care. :)
A lot of them are put there so that the next time I visit these places, I could check if the thing is still there.


Doorway people

Some more doorways with sculptures surrounding them. All of these are on the same building.
The first one depicts what I think are fishermen, and the other 2 look like some goddeses.
The ad on the last door offers treatment of PC and internet addiction for kids in middle/high school.


Camera-shaped building entrance

A store entrance shaped like a photo camera. You enter directly into the lens. *_*
As a kid I saw this store quite often, and I remember it was a Kodak photo shop. It's long gone, but the entrance is still there.
These days this place is occupied by a pharmacy.

the store in 2010, back when it still was a photo store (although no Kodak branding is visible anymore)

the store in 2016

the store in 2021


An ambiguous toy bus

My little cousins's toy bus. The driver's seat is on the left, like on an LHD car, but the passenger's door is also on the left, which would have been ok should the bus have been RHD, but it is incorrect as the door should be on the right side.


Enscribed tree

An old tree in a forest near Pravdinsk. It has a lot of carved tags and messages, some of them rather high. The oldest one I found was carved in 1978 by a man named Valera. I wonder where's Valera now...


A jar of pickled tomatos

A jar of pickled tomatoes left by someone on the roof of a car, presumably to punish the owner for asshole parking.

16.10.2019 - 20.10.2019

Abandoned thermoflask

A thermoflask abandoned in a nearby yard. It's been there for 4 days and then disappeared. On the third day it fell down, but on the fourth day, it found the power to stand up and occupy a concrete block.


GTA San Andreas cheat on a fence

Someone wrote the invincibility cheat from SA on a fence.


A very small excavator

This excavator is very small and very cute ^_^.


Talking fellows doorframe

This building's entrance is framed with a bas-relief depicting people talking on the phone. The building was built in 1928 and, apparently, served as a place where people could use a telephone. These days it's a typical Soviet-style office&business center.


Abandoned bumper car

A bumper car found abandoned in, at the time, one of the least known villages of Kaliningrad region. Features a shark artwork, rawr.


English football fans

English fans spending their time in local cafes before the England-Belgium footbal game that took place in Kaliningrad during the 2018 World Cup. The World Cup was indeed a very exticing time for Russia.