My possessions
Welcome to my possessions page!
The items here are a selection of some of the items I own that I like the most.

Last updated: August 4th, 2023. items from the last update are marked with the "new" label


The Basque History of the World

Fredrik Backman - A Man Called Ove

A very touching yet brilliantly funny story about a grumpy yet a very kind-hearted old man who, at times, reminds me of myself. A gift from a friend.

Arthur Haley - The Evening News

A thriller story about a reporter's family kidnapping that also sheds some light behind the scenes of a TV station.

Lee Kuan Yew - From Third World to First: The Singapore Story

Memoires of Lee Kuan Yew, the first leader of independent Singapore.

Aldous Huxley - Brave New World

Brave New World is a dystopian novel that tells us about a world that does it's best to not look like a dystopia. Taken from my university's book exchange shelf.

Linus Torvalds - Just For Fun

Torvalds' biography that tells us about how Linux was created. An interesting read. A gift from a friend.

Howard Lovecraft - Call of Cthulhu

A collection of horror stories by Lovecraft. My favorites are "The Shadow over Innsmouth" and "At the Mountains of Madness".

B. Traven - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

A story about three gold prospectors.

O. Henry

A collection of wonderful short stories by O. Henry. My favorites are "Pharaoh and Choral" and "The Gift of the Magi".

Sidney Sheldon - If Tomorrow Comes + The Sands of Time

If Tomorrow Comes is a story of a framed woman who, once released, joins the life of crime - the most sophisticated crime. The Sands of Time is a story of 4 nuns who get involved with ETA, the Basque separatist group.

Fredrik Backman - Anxious People

Sagas about the gods, heroes and skalds of Iceland

Richard Mason, J. G. Caiger - A History of Japan

O. Henry - Selected Stories

Bought in Saint Petersburg

Butterflies and Chrysanthemums

A collection of haiku each accompanied by an ukiyo-e artwork. Bought in Saint Petersburg.


Persona 3 Club Book

An amazing book with lots of explanations about the game's lore, world and characters. Very pleasant to flip through even if you don't speak Japanese. I aspire to one day get good enough in Japanese to read it.

Persona 4 Official Design Works

Persona 5 Art Book ~The Aesthetics~

Persona 3 Official Design Works

Shigenori Soejima Art Works 2004-2010

Sonic Adventure DX Complete Guide

Option March 2015

Over Singapore

A collection of aerial photos of Singapore.

Aeroflot - Fly Soviet

A visual history of Aeroflot

CCCP Underground

A photo album depicting to the subway stations of the former USSR.

Moscow Metro

A 1978 photo album of Moscow Metro's stations.

Japanese Prints: The Collection of Vincent van Gogh

An album of Japanese artworks bought by van Gogh in Paris.

Begegnungen mit Japan

A 1978 East German book on Japan.

Japan: Seasons of Change

The first Soviet photo album about Japan (1989).


By the same publishing house, released the same year.

America: A Sincere Talk

A 1988 Soviet photobook about the USA. Offers an interesting perspective because the book was made during the Perestroika when it was sort of both OK and not OK to like the USA.

Russian Empire: Prokudin-Gorskii - A Collection of Color Photos

An album of unique color photos taken by Prokudin-Gorskii decades before color photography became commonplace.

Dmitry Borko - 1991 1993

An album of photos taken during the 1991 August Coup and the 1993 constitutional crisis in Russia. Limited edition of 1000; mine is #436. An insight into the country we've lost.


Some of those are... interesting.

Ulf Küster - Edward Hopper A-Z

Bought in Saint Petersburg



Jia Tianxue

Contemporary Chinese traditional style artist.

Laibach - Liberation Days

A photo album (with some text) describing Laibach's visit to North Korea.

Made in North Korea

A collection of graphics from the everyday life of North Korea. The paper feels really nice to the touch.

The Wrinkles of the City: Shanghai

A collection of stories of the elderly of Shanghai.

Soviet Visuals

An album of Soviet photos, posters and other designs.

Sport in Soviet Porcelain, Graphic Arts, and Sculpture

A book on one of my favorite topics; depiction of Sports in old art.

History of the Abode: from Ancient to Modern

A book about history of furniture and architecture styles.

Latvijas 100 skaistākās vietas

Latvia's 100 most beautiful places. A gift from a Latvian friend living in Russia.

A set of Russian Reader's Digest magazines from early 00s

Laidback, relaxing texts you would read while drinking a cup of tea in a brightly lit room on a sunny weekend afternoon. These really take you back in time.

Girls' Last Tour

A charming manga about two girls traveling a multi-leveled post-apocalyptic world in a Kettenkrad.

Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0

Not as good as the VNs or the anime.



Items marked with (D) are from my dad's old collection (not all of it is here, just the ones that are the most interesting for me); others were bought by me.

(D) The Best Of The Alan Parsons Project / Алан Парсонс Проджект

(D) Dire Straits - On Every Street

Master (Self-titled) / Мастер

The original 1988 release, bought by me in mint condition from Melodiya's archives.

Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR And Boogie 1976-1986

A 2LP but doesn't have an inner artwork. Mine is the "Blue/Pink Splatter" limited edition (hover on the picture for the disc).

Pearl Jam - Ten

Rick Astley - Whenever You Need Somebody

Ryo Fukui - Scenery

Takeshi Terauchi & The Blue Jeans / Ансамбль "Блю Джинс"

A 1985 Soviet release. I was quite surprised to learn that Terauchi was somewhat known in USSR and even had a Melodiya release.

ZZ Top - Eliminator

Bought mainly for dad's listening pleasure, but I like this album as well and it was one of my 2016 albums.

2LP (hover for inner artwork)

(D) The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

This one was gifted to my granddad by his friend from France; it is signed by the friend on the top right of the inner side - it says "In gratitude for your sobering experience". A true family relic!

Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue

Dad's favourite band, but I totally love ELO as well.

(D) Greenpeace - Breakthrough / Гринпис - Прорыв

Perhaps not too widely known outside of the former USSR, but here it's regarded as the record that formally introduced Soviet people to Western music with it's amazing selection. More info here.

my bloody valentine - loveless

Not really a 2LP, but it has the inner artwork; the second pocket contains a set of posters with the album's artwork.


Olympus OM-D E-M10

Currently my main camera. Has interchangeable lenses; I have the kit 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II R lens and a compact ED 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ lens. Has a viewfinder and a few cool software features. Pretty pleasant to shoot with. All the photos on this page were taken with this camera with only string lights and a PC screen as sources of light.

Canon SX500 IS

My former main camera. Has a fixed lens with 30x optical zoom. Rather bulky for a "compact" camera.

Pentax Espio 60s

My main film camera. Fully automatic; shoots up to 400 ISO. Compact and very comfortable to use. I thought of it as a temporary camera to get the hang of shooting film, but I don't think I'll switch to another camera anytime soon.

Sony Mavica MVC-FD75

An amazing '99 Mavica that saves photos on a floppy disk. I love this camera very much.

Sony DSC-F707

A really cool 2001 camera with a rotatable lens, night mode with an undocumented ability to take IR photos and a digital viewfinder.

Pingo Film Camera

It is a penguin. The film rewind crank doesn't seem to be working, unluckily.

iPhone SE (1st gen)

Nokia 6300

Another digital lo-fi hero. I wish we still used feature phones instead of "smart"phones.

Jupiter-8 lens

A 50mm/F2 M39 Soviet lens. Soviet lenses are known for their whirly bokeh; I shoot on an MFT camera with crop factor of 2, so it's not as noticeable as it could have been, but I still love the photos this lens produces.

7Artisans UFO lens

36mm equivalent, no focus, the best lens you can possibly imagine.

"Score a goal against Japan" photoball

A souvenir film camera made to promote the Russia-Japan game at the 2002 Football World Cup. It was a prize you could win by buying Pepsi. Sample photos here.

Game Boy Camera

An amazing camera that's challening yet very satisfying. Strips things down to the bare basics. Will outlive me and everyone I know. Take one photo with it and you will feel something very special, and I'm not joking.

PSP-300 E

A 1.3 MP camera that plugs on top of the PSP. Comes with a case!


PlayStation Portable

The ultimate pocket console and the one I actually play a lot on.

Nintendo DS Lite

I mostly use it as a e-book reader; it's really good as a pocket-sized book! You can literally fold it like an actual paper book!!! I barely ever plat any games on it.

Nintendo Switch

It came with gray joycons; the Splatoon-themed ones were gifted by a friend when he broke the gray ones. Unfortunately, I don't use it too much.

PlayStation 2 Fat (PAL)

Has a modchip that allows playing games from any region. Is in a fairly good condition.

PlayStation 2 Slim (NTSC-J)

Unlike my Fat one, this lady here is in a pretty bad condition; it still runs some games, however, like Gran Turismo 3.


Grand Theft Auto: III (PC, France), IV (PC, Canada), V (PS3, Canada)

A gift from my amazing friend David from Quebec.

Grand Theft Auto: III, Vice City, San Andreas (PS2, PAL)

The real Definitive Edition.

Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu: Otoko Hanamichi Yume Roman, Need For Speed Underground J (PS2, NTSC-J)

Two NTSC-J racing games. Dekotora Densetsu is a truly marvelous gem of the Japanese culture. Just look at this opening. Unfortunately, neither of my PS2s can't read any of those discs. The UG disc is pretty damaged, and it won't make it past the safety notice. Dekotora Densetsu disc doesn't appear to have any serious damage, but the game freezes as soon as the main menu loads. :(

Juiced (PS2, PAL)

One of my favorite games of my childhood. Fun fact: I still pronounce it's name as "jew"-"ii"-"sad", because that's how the guy who showed me this game called it.

Boku no Natsuyasumi (PS1, NTSC-J)

Played it for just a couple of minutes before realizing that my slim PS2 has seriously scratched the disc. I really want to play it.

Need For Speed Underground 2 (XB, NTSC) (GC, PAL) (PS2, PAL) (PC, UK)

My all-time favorite game, if it already wasn't obvious by now :^). Xbox version bought from David. The PC one only has Disc 1.

Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero (PS2, NTSC)

A gift from David. I really love the TXR series.


Kiryuu Moeka figurine

She's my actual wife.

Yotsuba Koiwai action figurine

She guards my favorite bookshelf.

Krtek collection

One official plush, two official wooden toys and one off-brand glass figurine. If you have any more Krtek merchandise, Mail It To Me Immediately.

Creta snowball

Bought in 2012, featuring Minotaur's head. Don't even dare saying that it's not rad as hell.

Home & Office - In Office cassette tape

One of my favorite electronic albums. Check it out here.

Ferrari F1 car model - 1000th GP

There were a few models in the store; I bought this one because I know both drivers (Vettel and Leclerc).

Williams 2005 F1 car model

1980 Ford Taunus model

The exact one my family had up until ~2001; even the colour is the same. Also the only car we have ever owned.

Stuff fron Hong Kong

Postcards, booklet and a couple of coins from Hong Kong. A gift from a colleague who visited HK in 2007.