The summer when I was a volunteer at the Football World Cup. Wonderful days when my self-esteem and social skills have probably reached their respective peaks. I used to ride my bike around a lot back then. A life-changing decision to transfer to another university program was made, with a volunteering comrade's help. It also was the summer that sparked my interest in taking photos of things.


The summer when I had simple fun by doing nothing. My parents left me alone for 2 weeks; that was quite a great time. (Please don't imagine me dancing to Everything She Wants like nobody's watching every day for these 2 weeks; I absolutely didn't do that, trust me). I enjoyed my own company, started learning Japanese, went outside a lot. A wonderful careless summer, just as it's supposed to be.


The summer that changed everything since that's when I Got a job. Tons of new experiences and emotions despite a lack of free time, which was something I wasn't used to back then.


A summer to remember. Sleepless nights spent writing a graduation thesis, graduating from university, having a vacation in Moscow, an abundance of new experiences (Please don't imagine me dancing to Go Home like nobody's watching every day during my stay at a hotel in Moscow; I absolutely didn't do that, trust me). A great summer, yet the one that, at it's very end, turned me into an emotional wreck.


The most fleeting summer ever for me. The first half of it has been spent dealing with the wonders of russia's healthcare and compulsory military service systems; hovewer, my perseverance has been rewarded in the second half with an amazing vacation and opportunities to re-meet some old people and meet some new people. While deeply saddened by the facts that the war still isn't over and that my best friend is still sailing the dangerous seas on his dumb ship, I still can say that it was a great summer.


This one beats last summer's "Most Fleeting" record with how I absolutely didn't feel the summer happening at all, yet it wasn't really bad. I spent most of the summer in Saint Petersburg, but I did make three visits to Kaliningrad. Funny how I was hoping last year that this summer will be peaceful, yet the end of the war seems to be so far away... Also funny how a bunch of last year's Summer Tunes were still around a lot this summer, like スライド, The Bug or 陽台民謠.