The summer when I was a volunteer at the Football World Cup. Wonderful days when my self-esteem and social skills have probably reached their respective peaks. I used to ride my bike around a lot back then. A life-changing decision to transfer to another university program was made, with a volunteering comrade's help. It also was the summer that sparked my interest in taking photos of things.


The summer when I had simple fun by doing nothing. My parents left me alone for 2 weeks; that was quite a great time. (Please don't imagine me dancing to Everything She Wants like nobody's watching every day for these 2 weeks; I absolutely didn't do that, trust me). I enjoyed my own company, started learning Japanese, went outside a lot. A wonderful careless summer, just as it's supposed to be.


The summer that changed everything since that's when I Got a job. Tons of new experiences and emotions despite a lack of free time, which was something I wasn't used to back then.


A summer to remember. Sleepless nights spent writing a graduation thesis, graduating from university, having a vacation in Moscow, an abundance of new experiences (Please don't imagine me dancing to Go Home like nobody's watching every day during my stay at a hotel in Moscow; I absolutely didn't do that, trust me). A great summer, yet the one that, at it's very end, turned me into an emotional wreck.