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21:34 Every two weeks, when my team has a day of long work meetings and calls, I open a tiny Paint window in the corner of my screen and draw stuff. I started with portraits of my colleagues, as well as random imaginary people, but lately I've been drawing more landscapes. I really love how they turn out, even if they're just copies of photos I like and not actually OC.



Found the original song sampled in one of my favorite vaporwave songs:

Some really fine and a bit obscure city pop. Although the tempo is really hard to get used to when you've known the vaporwave song for almost a decade.

While we're on the less-popular city pop artists' side, here's another one, also discovered through vaporwave.

She was Japanese apparently, seeing how the very few of her releases are Japan-only and how quick she was to cover Anri's "Dancing with the Sunshine". I love Cathi's version more though; it just flows better for me.

Do you all ever just suddenly realize that you have no photos of your face, let alone any worthy of putting on a semi-official profile? I do.


00:33 Found a new way of photo "transfer" from Game Boy Camera.

Finished reading "The Man in the High Castle" the other day. It's too difficult for my tiny brain... I was hoping that it would emphasise on the alternate history side of things, because I'm kinda into alt-history stuff, but the book is mostly about several storylines that, while intersecting a bit in the end, are actually really independent and don't contribute to the nearly non-existent ending in any way. Feels like this is more of a philosophical book and it was really hard to understand for me. It was even more complicated by the fact that I read it in English and the language in the book, while comprehensible, is rather twisty at times, especially when the philosophical stuff is described, so it also made things a bit harder for me, as a non-native speaker (I read several other books in English with zero problems). I really hope that it's just me who's dumb and couldn't understand a simple book.

My city's women volleyball club became the champions of the country. I visited all of the team's home games of the final best-of-five series with my dad, and the final game went into 5th set. It's nice to have at least one relevant sports team here.


23:17 I got contacted by a guy on VK who claims to be a lo-fi musician; he saw my photos of cherry blossoms I took with my Mavica the other day (14.04 entry) and liked them so much that he wants to use them for his album cover. Naturally I allowed him to do so.

I found a video on youtube where a guy makes a pinhole lens out of a chips can. There are also similar videos on the channel about making a pinhole lens out of a body cap and a zoomable lens out of a magnifying glass. It's so interesting and endearing! For a quick test, I took my M39 to MFT adapter and just put a piece of paper with a (rather large for this purpose) hole on it, which I also painted black on the inside.

Here's how it turned out.


You did recognize what's on the last pic, didn't you?
I now really want to make a proper pinhole lens! I also found a really old peephole; perhaps some sorcery could be performed on it as well to use for my photographic purposes. After all, handiness is not something I can boast with, so maybe it's time to change it, little by little. (tho I will not ever become as cool of a DIY-ace as 7nonsense or Twelve Men)


21:11 I have returned from Moscow three days ago. It went nice; got to revisit a few places I really loved as well as visit a few new places. I didn't really expect it to be a "trip", so I made a usual photo page for it instead of special pages as I did with my 2 previous vacations. I didn't even finish the film roll I bought all the way back in St. Petersburg in January! I didn't end up buying anything for myself, because in terms of shopping Moscow is really bland compared to Saint Petersburg, but I bought a CD of Electric Light Orchestra's "Time" for my dad. I really love this album, but for my dad it's the greatest album of all time, so he was really glad. He listened to it on his CD boombox today.

My physical condition hasn't been great lately. I want to start the cycling season since the weather is already pretty good, but perhaps I should wait on working on it until after June because you-know-what.

There were other things I wanted to write about, but I forgot about them. Maybe I'm just still too tired. At least there are 4 more days off ahead.

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