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14:37 Yesterday I bought a wireless keyboard that I wanted to buy as a part of my wish to get rid of as many wires on my desk as possible, and the previous keyboard had a really thick wire. Today I also picked up a nice desk pad. I'm not a huge fan of the trim color, but the size is perfect. When placing orders online I usually choose the pick-up point that's either far away from home/work or is in some place that I've never been to before. It's a nice way to explore new places and a good reason to have a walk (it's not like I need any reasons though!). Now my desk looks like this (usually it's much more messy).

11:09 Been thinking about getting a Nintendo DSi. My DS Lite works, but the trigger buttons barely work, so I could use the Lite for carrying around and playing stuff like Picross or visual novels, and the DSi for playing other games at home. However, the biggest reason for getting a DSi is a nice little lo-fi camera. Heck, there's even a 8x optical zoom lens accessory available for this 0.3mp beast of a camera! I can't miss out on such an opportunity.


17:34 Yesterday a friend took me to a karting track... I was dead scared as I was waiting for the attendant to start my kart - the last time I've driven anything in real life was 15 years ago (it was at karting too), but everything went surprisingly well - I didn't crash into anything or anyone and I didn't even spin out! I was driving exceptionally carefully on the side of the track and no one shouted at me during or after the session so I think I wasn't bothering anyone, which is very important.

I should start preparing my trip to Moscow now that university worries are over. Apart from booking a hotel room and airplane tickets I need to get a decent compact camera - I don't feel like carrying my current hunk of a camera around for 4 days, especially with it taking a lot of space in my backpack.

18:19 It's amazing how Japanese music sounds exactly like Russian music sometimes. A few examples:

Pure Russian chanson:

80s Soviet pop:
00s Russian rock:


14:24 The results are in, I succesfully defended my thesis, getting a 4/5. I'm not feeling anything right now though, must be too tired. No more university crap! Finally I can do whatever I want after work.

12:10 Finished my speech for my thesis defense a couple of hours ago. Decided to work on some pages here to relax...


16:51 I'm alive (to an extent). I somehow managed to finish my thesis in time (there was a minimum of 50 pages so I squeezed in every piece of information that's loosely connected to my thesis, but then I noticed that I've been using a wrong line spacing the whole time; switching to the correct one instantly added 8 pages, but I only did it after I finished, so that's 8 pages over the mimimal limit!). The "defense" of our theses, as it's called here, is in 3 days, after which I should finally be free. Or maybe expelled from the uni because my thesis is the worst one you can probably think of. Anyway it's all going to be over soon, which makes me glad.