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Thoughts: January 2023


19:46 Happy New Year everyone!!! Here's to a good start.

Past two weeks have been a very unusual time for me, so it's gonna be a bit of an unusual Thoughts entry.
My initial plan for the holidays was to spend most of the time at home reading and Game'ing and maybe working on saint-images, but life had other plans. As I mentioned last month, someone has appeared in my life... Her name is D. She's from another city so it's hard being together, but we are together now. Still hard to believe she accepted someone as dull, someone as unassuming and bland as me, and yet she did, and I have to face this fact. So we spent those days together, becoming quite close in the process. I just hope it all works out.

When I return I immediately fell ill, even had to take two days off work. Those weren't the greatest days of my life as I was quite sick which was worsened by feeling separated from D. I'd just lie in bed doing nothing in particular, and when I got better I looked over my room and realised it was a total mess and that I've gone too much without doing the typical "me" things. I realised I needed to take a pause and rethink some things. It's all ok now, I tidied up the room and did some walks and played some games and did some reading and I'm feeling alright now. At any rate the year began in the best possible way and I hope it continues like this. Slowly getting back to my usual life schedule so some updates may be expected here.