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Thoughts: April 2023



, hasn't it? I've been adapting to my new place in Saint Petersburg (not Florida), and oh boy was it tiring. My plane was on March 11th, and I moved into my new apartment the next day. I'm renting one near the center and it's really convenient, even if I work from home. A lot of my stuff from my various collections has been left behind in Kaliningrad, but I'll keep hoarding stuff here and bring old stuff here from back home as well (I plan on visiting home at least once a month or two, or hopefully even return in like a year if everything goes well, but that's another story). So far I like this city, there are some flaws like a lack of greenery compared to Kaliningrad (What Do You Mean I Have To Go To A Park To See A Tree? Blasphemy!) (not quite like this but Kaliningrad is like a garden city, so seeing everything bloom in spring is something I am used to) but it really is a great city. I am however immensely nostalgic for Kaliningrad and I still plan my long term future there and not here.

I have great relationships with my parents and family that I really cherish, but living on my own certainly has it's perks. I have more control over the sounds in my habitat, I have complete control over what I'm eating, I can invite anyone anytime without getting the feeling I'm making everyone uncomfortable.

I could go on and on and on (no I couldn't because I am Unable to write coherent Text's), but overall, things have been going pretty fine as of late. I hope I can keep updating the website at the usual pace now. There were a lot of things that happened, but remembering and writing about all of them would take quite some time and it will not be as sincere as writing about something that just happened. This update is probably rather underwhelming, but I hope to return to a usual update schedule and tell about things just after they happened, as it used to be.

I have a little project page dedicated to Saint Petersburg that I'm working on right now.

This here is a wonderful Soviet clock that the landlady left here, based on the Leopold the Cat cartoon.