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Thoughts: May 2021


21:24 I have bought a new monitor from a guy at work. My old one was barely working at this point, and I also wanted a monitor with built-in speakers to have less wires on my table and to have sound fron any device I might want to connect to it. My old one was 21,5" and this one is 27" - quite the difference! I stil haven't gotten used to the new size.

I also feel like my English has been severely deteriorating recently. This isn't good.


22:28 So today we had the so-called "preliminary defense" of our theses. As expected, it didn't went so well. The profs easily recognised I haven't done much, if anything (#`-_ゝ-). There was also this one guy who was also present a year ago when we presented our courseworks; he's an absolute douche with his dull inappropriate jokes. He behaves like a literal gopnik, even though he's supposed to be respectful and stuff. I just want all of this formal education stuff to end so bad. If it wasn't for it, I would've been somewhat satisfied with my life (maybe not exactly satisfied, but at least I definitely would have less pointless things to worry about). But, if I don't get a diploma, I won't ever have a chance to evacuate from this country, so I suppose I have to persevere. Rant over.

I enjoy finding these rural-looking corners among urban jungle.


00:22 The best motivation to finally start working on my thesis was promising my granny to start working on it when she asked me how it's going. Perhaps this place will be updated less frequently for the coming month (I won't stop doing it entirely though, it's too much fun for me).

Please stay safe and keep going.


20:21 I just realized that all this time I've been ordering film without checking whether it has a DX code (I'm using a simple point and shoot cam, so it probably needs these). I will be extremely paranoid about it from now on.

Tried the panning technique from my balcony today. I need to practice more, but some of the shots already turned out nice.


19:52 Tried a little experiment today; I took 3 photos from the same position, then decomposed them into RGB channels, took a channel from each photo and recomposed them back. The end result is not as interesting as I thought it might be, but with the last photo I messed up the channels on my first attempt and it turned out rather pretty.

When I got home though, I pulled out my tripod (as you can see by the object edges, I was still dumb enough to shake it though) and tried snapping a blue Hot Wheels Civic in three different positions. The sun was already setting so the pic is noisy, but I like how it turned out.

Some more lo-fi crap from today.

Bonus points to you if you figured out who inspired me to try decomposing photos into channels! It was Prokudin-Gorskii, of course. He would take 3 photos through red, green and blue filters and then combine them. His color photos of Russian Empire are truly magnificent, you can see them yourself here.


11:05 No updates in a while. Been a little down recently, my company has a big release coming soon so we're working to fix all the shit before the presentation and I'm making pityful attempts to start working on my thesis.

I hope you all are doing well!