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Thoughts: July 2021


18:26 Watched the first episode of FLCL today. Unlike other animes that made me go "what the hell is going on" at the very first episode, this one actually piqued my interest.

My plane for Moscow is tomorrow. The closer it is, the more scared I am, even though it's going to be my 8th time going anywhere by plane.


20:45 If you've been looking for a cover art for your next vaporwave album, look no further.

An extremely fun camera. I do not in any way regret buying it.


17:33 The floppies have arrived, so I took the Mavica to the usual place for a test ride.

Shooting on it reminds me a lot of shooting on film; people are throwing suspicious glances on you from time to time; you have to change the storage medium every few dozens of photos; and the results may turn out interesting.


17:05 I will (hopefully) obtain some floppies that I ordered in 2 days. The people at work didn't end up giving me any. >︿<

Most importantly, yesterday was my last day at work before a 16 days long vacation and I'm really glad that I'm going to get some rest. For my upcoming trip to Moscow I've ordered the plane tickets and made the hotel reservation 2 weeks ago, so now all that's left is to wait for the 24th. I've made a little list of things that I want to see/do and found a couple of walking routes along a bunch of interesting buildings, but knowing myself I'll probably end up just aimlessly wandering around.


21:51 Mavica is here... sort of. Still haven't obtained any floppys, but I left a post on our corporate hub asking to share some and one dude responded. The battery seems to be in order.


23:37 Who would've thought that a whopping 100 people would be interested in my website...

I will do my best to keep doing whatever it is that catches people's eyes and hearts.


21:02 Weird stuff's going on with my PC... The internet's been dial-up tier slow on home wifi for the past few days. Other networks (I tried phone's personal hotspot) work fine, and other devices work fine with the home network as well. Tried scanning vor viruses, tried disabling all services and startup programs, tried safe mode - no luck. Randomly changed the wireless adapter's mode from 802.11b/g/n to 802.11b/g and it worked??? Well at least I'm 5 minutes in and everything's fine. Let's hope that it will last.

Update: it didn't. Wnt to shit after 10 minutes.

Update2: now it has been fixed by changing the USB port the adapter resides in. Let's see for how long it will last now.

My little cousin has a curious toy bus. Can you spot what's wrong here?


21:54 I had no time to send film for development this week, and when I finally decided to do it today, my dumb ass only decided to check whether the place is working today only after walking all the way to it. It wasn't open today, so I'll have to pay for my forgetfulness by waiting another week.

In other news, a car is standing under a tree, and I love the way they complement each other.


18:22 Had a "Mr. Worldwide" moment at work today. As I was working, I accidentally found a typo in the German localization of our product; instead of saying "wurde nicht" it said "wurde bicht". I reported it to the localization folks, and they confirmed it and fixed it. It's really minor but I'm awfully glad that my remarkable, extraordinary linguistic skills found some use at work.