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Thoughts: July 2022


22:33 My 3 weeks long vacation begins... today! I'm really glad.
I will be going to Moscow from 8th to 11th, and then I'll take the high-speed train (Cool!) to St. Petersburg, where I'll be from 11th to 16th. You might wonder why I'm visiting the same cities all over again; the reason is quite simple - russia is not like any country in America, Europe or Asia - here we have exactly 2 cities that are worth visiting and the others have like 2 cool things about them tops, and overall they're all exactly the same and not really worth a vacation IMO. I also want to go to Karelia (north of St. Pete) for some amazing nature.
I bought a really amazing lens - the 7Artisans UFO lens.

It has fixed focal length (36mm on MFT), no focus (not even manual), but this lens doesn't need anything more. It removes every single obstacle between you, the scene and the shutter button. For snapshitters like me, that's all that's needed to make the process of taking photos enjoyable as hell. The "review's" will tell you that it has "Very Bad Sharpness", "Poor Colour's" or "Excessive Flare" Bruh Show Me Anyone Who Care's! Just Go Outside (Where The Fresh Air Is) And Shoot The Damn Pic's!
The photos have a faint veil of digital lofi and are perfect for film emulation post-processing (1st pic, I think it looks quite believable). Focusing is the weak part because it's hard to tell whether the lens has decided to properly focus on whatever you're shooting this time, but that's not the lens where you should care about such lowly things. The colours are OK, but the lens inherently gives you dark pics, so you perhaps need to shoot on a high ISO to compensate.


00:28 My story with the draft office might have a good ending, after all. At least I won't have to spend 2 weeks at the hospital, so I will have 3 weeks of vacation and will have the time to go somewhere. I now have the paper that has my diagnoses written down by a doctor from the Big And Important Regional Clinic. Now all that's left is to convince the doctor at my local clinic to transfer the contents of that paper to another paper given to me by the draft office exactly the way I need it to be written there. It might not be easy, but I hope that it will end with a blazing success! This is the last challenge before the draft office backs off me once and for all.


21:32 Granddad gave me a bunch of English books yesterday. I started with Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Spy. I've read Brave New World a while ago during my dystopia period, but I certainly could use a refresher.

In a matter typical to him, he called "Malone Dies" and "Farewell My Lovely" "completely shit", but I'll see for myself. :^)

Today's Tiny Paint Art (italy.png), and an unfinished one from 2 weeks ago (hk.png) (the most important rule about Tiny Paint Art's is that they should be done in one go during the biweekly session of work meetings).

Still can't plan my vacation because of the medical crap I need for the draft office. I might probably have to go to hospital for a 2 weeks long medical observation. Nothing good about it, apart from maybe an opportunity to spend 2 weeks doing nothing but reading.

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