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Thoughts: August 2021


20:03 Took my post-repair bicycle for a ride today. It goes well! A bit of minor creak sound in the rear wheel, but I think I'll get it fixed when I Take it to the service after a few more rides to make them check if everything's okay.

Witnessed some drift competetion today.

Been spending much less free time on PC and more reading. I guess that's good. Reading manga when it's still bright outside and switching to reading actual books on Nintendo DS when it gets dark outside.


19:28 Went fishing with my granddad early in the morning today; wanted to clear my head of all the intrusive thoughts that's been bothering me a great deal for the last few weeks. It didn't really work, but we still had a nice time. I even caught 1 (one) fish, which I released back into the lake.
I'm considering working on weekends, because work seems to be the best, if not perfect, distraction.

I bought three volumes of Steins;Gate 0 manga half a year ago, got to read them a few days ago and it seems like there are more? I assumed that 3 volumes are the entire story because the original S;G's manga adaptation is 3 volumes. God knows when will the remaining volumes be released here...


20:40 My order from a bookstore arrived today; 3 volumes of Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou and another book by Fredrik Backman. The reading pile keeps growing...

Some Mavica stuff.


22:23 Finally done with my Moscow vacation report - please check it out!

We went to a bar with our team from work yesterday; had quite a nice chat with them. We were joined by the 3 quality assurance engineers who are responsible for testing our part of the product. One of them turned out to be quite an interesting person, and I really liked the way she behaved. she's really cute too, but that's beyond the point really
Next week the two other QAs are going on vacation, and I will have to send a bunch of urgent updates for testing, and most likely she will be responsible for testing them; I hope it will help me to chat with her a bit more. Or maybe not, it's not like I'm in any way an interesting person, so I shouldn't build any illusions.

Also, I finally sent my bicycle for repair today, with some help from my best friend who knows some people in the service store (he's the kind of lad who knows "some people" anywhere you go). It should be done next week (there's quite a few repairs to be done!).


21:34 No updates in a while, so I figured I gotta write something. On July 28th I've safely returned from my trip to Moscow and it went well! I'm in the process of writing down a big report, complete with photos and my thoughts (I hope I don't accidentally upload it before I'm finished...).

My break ends tomorrow. I really regret taking a 2 weeks break and not 3 weeks... I'll also have to work at home for a week before returning to the office. I hate working from home, but this time it's ok as it gives me an opportunity to keep up with the Olympics at least a little bit by having them as background. I missed a lot of interesting competetions while in Moscow, and half of the events happens when it's night here.