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20:24 I was thinking about making a big emotional post about what's goin on in russia right now, but... With the news getting worse each hour and my thoughts being a mess, I don't think it will be any good. Maybe if I pretend that everything is ok, Russia will cease existing... Just pray for us mby idk. For now I better narrow down leaving home only for essential business.

The only twoo good news of the past days have been the news that my best friend is higly likely to return home from his prolonged sailing in November, and the arrival of a package sent by my good friend David from Quebec, which we sent through a proxy warehouse since there are no direct shipping options. It was supposed to be for my birthday (which was like 9 months ago), and it contained 9 PS2 games, 2 Xbox 360 games and a Nissan Skyline R31 Hasegawa model kit. Merci David!

I do have some experience with model kits, but I will put a lot of effort into this one, buy the best paints/tools etc. But later.. , Will probably assemble it with my best friend when he comes back (hopefully) in

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