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Thoughts: November 2021


21:17 Had a wonderful walk with an old friend I haven't seen in 3 years; haven't had such conversations in a while. I know you might be reading this - thank you for the great time!


18:17 Have I ever mentioned that I really love Need for Speed Underground?

Yeah, I guess I did... I've had the PS2 version of UG2 for a long while, and the others are more recent purchases. Unfortunately, the Underground J disc is in a bad condition; the console reads it, but it won't make it past the loading screen. I tried cleaning it with alcohol, but it didn't help; apparently, the disc needs to be resurfaced, but I haven't found anyone who can do it for me, and I'm sure as hell not doing it myself.

Nothing really interesting is happening, apart from me getting extremely tired from working on Saturdays.

I've translated the Moscow trip report page into Russian. Why? Because I can, of course.