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Thoughts: December 2021


16:48 I don't remember ever seeing such a strong fog on New Year's day.

A little gift I ordered for myself has arrived today; Persona 4 Official Design Works. Another 2 Persona artbooks should arrive in a few days.

Two days ago I bought a TV set for my room as a second screen for PC and for my consoles.
When I finish writing this entry, I will indulge in my New Year's tradition of watching some anime on this TV; this year it will be Cowboy Bebop.

Dear readers of my humble website... I sincerely thank you for staying with me this year. I wish you, your friends and your families a happy New Year. Don't lose hope, seek happiness in every single day, be kind to each other and let fate guide you towards prosperity. よいお年をお迎えください。


21:18 Today's walk, as seen by my Mavica.

I've put a set of white lights on the ceiling of my room in addition to the green-and-blue lights on the table.

I think they look good but perhaps I should've went for warm lights instead of cold lights.

Someday earlier this week was my birthday. I hate my birthdays and I don't celebrate them, but my friend still made a gift for me - a beautiful art of Chihiro Fushimi.


16:40 Thinking of buying a custom domain for this place. The options I'm considering are:

Which one do you think is the most fitting one? (definitely not .okinawa, but I like Okinawa).

On Friday my boss told me that I got a raise, and also a nice holiday bonus dropped to my account. I guess I can seriously consider getting a mortgage and buying my own place to live next Summer.

Yesterday we had a company party. I got to meet the guy who got a job here at the same time as me; we only meet once every half a year on company parties, but we chat a lot during these parties. Interestingly enough, it turned out that he has moved to Saint Petersburg and came to Kaliningrad for one day just for the party. Saint Petersburg seems to be a popular destination for the "people I hardly ever talk to but each time I see them is a good time" kind of people.


19:35 On Friday I went to a coastal town I've visited back in March (around the middle of the page) with my friend. I not a big fan of Winter but one thing I absolutely love about it are the New Year decorations. The decorations in Zelenogradsk are amazing!

I also found this silhouette of a tennis racket in a window funny.

I'm considering getting a phone with a better camera because I can't really carry a camera around at all times. Unfortunately they don't make phones of the size of my iPhone SE anymore. The new SE is acceptably large, but I've read that the camera isn't too much of an improvement over the original SE.

On Saturday I went to a newly opened mall. It's absolutely dull, but I liked it how the second floor was absolutely empty.

Today I decided to move my favorite set of Christmas lights so that half of it is on my table. It's my favorite because the red and orange bulbs are broken, and blue and green lights look great.

While taking this photo I was listening to Prince's "Purple Rain". I've been listening to it non stop for 3 days now.

Also today I saw a very cool Toyota Crown; it's cool not just because Crown is the most luxurious and respectable car ever (objecttively), but also because it had stunning lacy seat covers.


18:02 Non-rebellous youth is heavily underrepresented. I go to clothing stores and all I see are prints like "reckless", "wild heart", "fuck you", et cetera. I would've paid to wear something that says "sane", "will hug you", "harmless", "dull" or something that conveys the same feeling.

In other news, we're running with the shadows of the night, so baby take my hand, you'll be alright; surrender all your dreams to me tonight - they'll come true in the end.


21:38 Got completely betrayed and stomped into dirt by a person I've considered one of my best friends for 5 years. This has been a huge hit on my already non-existent self-esteem. I wonder how many friends I will have left by next year. Only 2 left. Perhaps it's just a matter of time.
How's your day going?

Trying to keep my sanity up by decorating what's precious to me - my website.

I'm playing Yakuza 0 and Forza Horizon 5. Oh, the camera work in Yakuza... Pure beauty.

I'll be going to St. Petersburg from 5th to 8th January on winter vacation. I hope it will help me unwind. I will try my best to make it as fun as the Moscow trip!

I was in the top 0.5% of Kinokoteikoku listeners on Spotify. Pretty rad innit.

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